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American Apparel MODEL CASTING – Chapel Street

YES, AMERICAN APPAREL IS LOOKING FOR THE NEXT AUSSIE FACE! American Apparel, who are known for their innovative campaigns and beautiful natural looks are looking for male and female models to feature in their upcoming lookbook! And photographed by the true blue Aussie photographer Gavriel Maynard!     They will be holding an open casting for all models… Read more »


Myer Autumn-Winter 2014 Fashion Show

In collaboration with Melbourne based fashion blog Tow us to Paris, we would like to share with you some more fashion and modelling material. Fashion blogger Damian Palamara attended the Myer Autumn-Winter 2014 Fashion show which was so much fun and an amazing experience ! Famous Australian models strutted down this innovative ramped cat walk… Read more »


7 most common mistakes models make

THE AUSTRALIAN ACADEMY OF MODELLING’S ADVICE     1. At the end of the day, what you need to remember is modelling is a serious business! As a model you need to present yourself and treat your modelling career like a serious job. Like any business it takes a lot of commitment and time to build… Read more »


How to dress like a model

They are the role models that every fashionista looks up to when it comes to the latest trends and the most featured individuals in those amazing shiny bibles that we call fashion magazines. Models are truly the definition of fashion inspiration, but there’s that question that viewers always ask ‘how can I look like that?’… Read more »