As a male model do you look at products and skin care ranges and think… what the?

Kristina Schapova July 8, 2015 0

Haircare tips & tricks, Student Update

We get this all the time when male models come into our Comprehensive Modelling Course or Modelling Masters Course and learn… you, yes you, along with the females, need to know about skin care, grooming and products! No more washing your face with a bar of soap (oh the horror!!) or even worse, nothing at all! You are a model after all and your skin is the canvas to work off for every job – so it must be flawless! Some models don’t even get put onto jobs until they fix and clear up their skin!! This is all a part of the world of modelling and this is your profession!

So, as an aspiring male model you are probably thinking… What do I need? What do I get? How do I know if this is the right product for me?…  It is pretty daunting if you are left to do it without professional assistance!

If you are serious about looking your masculine best you need to invest in quality grooming products. Australian Academy of Modelling’s students has been exceptionally lucky to be given amazing service and products from Men’s Biz.. They are our ‘go-to for guys’ for this reason – they know what they are talking about and they have all the quality products you would need in the one place!!


Our students goodie bag! Men’s Biz scan the globe for the best brands and items, which are then comprehensively tested, before being added to their exclusive range.

So for our AAM’ers who are not Melbourne based we have good news for you too! They are also an online retailer! Men’s Biz also have a store in Melbourne’s Royal Arcade, accessed via the Bourke Street Mall. This allows you AAM’ers the chance to touch, smell and try products before you purchase!! It’s a male models dream!!


The store also incorporates an old school barbershop, where you can experience, among other services, a traditional and luxurious hot-towel, cutthroat-razor shave.

No matter what you need, be it hair care, skincare, shaving hardware, fragrances, anything to do with grooming, Men’s Biz are definitely the guys to speak with!


 We hope you enjoy our secret gem of a place as much as we do!

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