Intensive Model Course

The Intensive Model Course has exactly the same content as our renowned Comprehensive Model Course, but instead of weekly classes for 11 weeks, training is completed during weekdays over 2 weeks. Whether you are looking for personal development and confidence building, or want to equip yourself with all the right skills and tools to take on the modelling world, our holistic training and personalised approach is what makes our training the most sought after in the industry.

You will learn all that you need to know about modelling – runway, editorial, agency application and interviewing, starting a business, marketing strategies, leadership, finances and admin, hair and makeup, nutrition and positive mindset, and even finish with an agency ready portfolio. All this, with a strong emphasis on personal development, how to build on your confidence and improve your self-image. If you are wanting to gain confidence and life skills, this course is perfect for you!

Our renowned courses, with the help of our international trainers, will transform you from an On-and-Off aspiring model into a fully trained, fully skilled, fully ready to take on the modelling industry as a professional model! Training is inclusive of 4 photo shoots with diverse concepts. You will have an opportunity to be guided by a fashion photographer and network with industry professionals, such as your trainers, but also the creative team whilst you will have your hair and makeup done, as well as wardrobe provided by our fashion stylists. When you finish the training, using your portfolio from our in-house shoots, we will personally apply to Melbourne’s top modelling agencies on your behalf!

Training is Monday to Friday in week 1, and Monday to Thursday in week 2. Class sizes are small for intimate and personalized training.

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Here is the detailed content of what you will learn throughout the Intensive Model Course:

In the first we introduce you to all things modeling and all the modelling basics:

  • Types of modelling
  • Industry standards
  • Insight into the modelling industry
  • How do models get paid
  • Model overview – the do’s and don’ts
  • Begin your model skin regime for flawless skin

… and much more

This class is all about embracing and nurturing your body and mind, with the help of our health practitioner and business coach. Trainer will help you better understand your health psychology and the principles of life.

In this class you will learn:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Healthy recipes
  • Understanding your body clock and how our bodies function
  • Food group explanation
  • Importance of exercise
  • Successful business development
  • Setting goals
  • Personal branding and marketing
  • Stress management
  • How do deal with anxiety and fear
  • Self-confidence and raising your self esteem
  • Personal growth
  • Self-empowerment
  • Psychology vs Success

… and much more 

What a lot of people don’t know, is that models work as contractors most of the time and are therefore self-employed. As such, they need to set themselves up as a business and get an ABN – Australian Business Number. This class will teach you the invaluable and crucial fundamentals of sole trader and financial management. The second part of the class is agency application and interviewing, teaching you how to look for an agent, apply to the agency and best represent yourself in order to succeed. This class is presented by an agent from a well-known and prestigious national modelling agency.

In this class you will learn:

  • ABN set up
  • Tax and superfund
  • Tax deduction tips and tricks
  • Model financials
  • Invoicing
  • Good debt vs bad debt
  • How to look for an agent and prepare your application
  • How agencies work
  • Agency interviewing
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Model and actor resume, cover letter, bio letter
  • Etiquette
  • Interviewing activities

… and much more

Personal grooming and presentation is crucial to professional models and their success in the industry. This class covers all the tips and tricks you need to perfect your personal appearance. This class is taught by leading hair stylist and makeup artist, both of whom are actively working in the industry so understand the importance of this training.

In this class you will learn:

  • Hair care and maintenance
  • Hair styling tips and tricks
  • Advice on hair colours and styles for individual complexion
  • Discounts on the hair salon services
  • Hair and makeup activities to recreate the looks
  • Skin care
  • Skin regime
  • Makeup cleanse
  • Products advice for individual skin types
  • Professional personalised advice on your makeup bag / kit
  • Makeup application for females and males

… and much more

Time to walk the walk! Learn the insider tips and tricks on how to hold that runway posture and the different techniques for various types of catwalk. You will be trained by an international model, who has been on many Australian and international runways with worldwide knowledge in this field and lots of personal experience to pass onto our students. During the 3 classes we will video record the sequence movements of your walk, analyse and discuss them with you. The videos are private and can only be accessed via the study centre on our site with your individual log in details. The benefit of video recording is to allow you to understand visually on how to improve your technique, posture and poses. Most importantly, improve your confidence as you watch yourself improve and develop from week to week.

Over the 3 weeks you will learn:

  • Posture
  • Movement techniques
  • Runway turns
  • Posing on the runway
  • Facial expressions and moods
  • Body awareness and control
  • Body balance
  • Hands and feet placements
  • Energy
  • Various walks and types of runway
  • Choreography
  • Garment control
  • Casting for runway show
  • Video profile

… and much more

This is where our students start to feel like professional models with the various photo shoots concepts to build their agency ready model portfolio. We do 4 photo shoots – digitals, commercial, editorial and beauty. Trained and directed by a fashion photographer, our international trainer knows how to get an amazing picture to add to your folio. We have a professional creative team of makeup, hair and fashion stylists, so our students get the full package pamper before their shoot. Classes are held at a huge editorial studio, a setting of great vibes and energy.

Over the 4 weeks you will learn:

  • TVC
  • Digitals shoot
  • Commercial shoot
  • High-end editorial shoot
  • Beauty shoot
  • Networking with professional creatives
  • Working with a team
  • On set etiquette
  • Photo shoot confidence
  • How to find your best angle
  • Various posing to match the concept
  • How to connect with the camera
  • Moodboards
  • Model bag
  • How to prepare for the shoot
  • Photographer’s equipment and terminology

… and much more

Excited to get involved and cannot wait to embark on YOUR modelling journey?

To join our AAM fam please contact us and we will let you know of the next available intake.

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