Do you have what it takes to be a model?

Kristina Schapova November 1, 2017 1


Do you have what it takes to be a model?

What does it take to be a successful model?

What an interesting question that may have so many answers!

Once upon a time there was a particular look of a super model, a certain height, a certain size, a certain appearance. One would say a model has to be gorgeous, be very tall and lean.  However, as the industry evolves and the influencers constantly change, so does the description of a professional model.


Now, more than ever, we see the most diversity in the modelling industry. It all started with the growing various modelling types – commercial, editorial, runway, promotional, TVC, fit modelling etc. Each of the modelling types needed a specific prerequisite, a specific look to suit the job. The runway model seemed to be one of the more traditional modelling types, that embodied the typical stereotype of a model description – tall, slim, beautiful. Until recent global fashion shows, and especially the latest Paris, London, Milan and New York fashion weeks, which have completely changed the landscape of the modelling industry and the perception of how a model should look.


Check out the video of the iconic Anna Wintour reflecting on the last couple of months of fashion shows, what is trending and most importantly what she has noticed changed in the models on the runway. Anna says she saw – “Models of different shapes, different ages, different ethnicity, different backgrounds.” Exactly what we teach at AAM, the industry is very diverse and there is no longer one specific look, size or height for a professional model.

A MUST watch for all aspiring models doubting their self-image, therefore reluctant to pursue their dreams in the modelling industry


Modelling, just like the fashion industry, trends, and therefore popular looks constantly change. So, if you are not getting booked now, in the next 6-12 months you might be booked out! If you are wondering what the most essential asset a model must poses in order to become a successful model – it’s the mindset, and definitely not the physical appearance! Are you mentally ready, prepared, dedicated and committed to becoming a professional model and standing out from the crowd?!


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