EVERY Models essentials!

Kristina Schapova January 31, 2014 0

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Your list of ESSENTIALS!

Clear-Tick-icon    1. Be confident

It’s the best thing to remember when you are posing!

Clear-Tick-icon    2. Trust your photographer

Your photographer will know what works and what doesn’t and guide you along the way!

Clear-Tick-icon    3. Become the perfect canvas for the creative team (makeup, hair and fashion stylist)

As a model you won’t always love what they do.. but they have a vision and you have to act like the canvas for them.

Clear-Tick-icon    4. Always be prepared

Have you heard of a Model Kit (or bag)?Put everything together and bring it with you just in case! You can never be too prepared!

The essential items for your model kit:

– strapless bra (nude & black

– bra (nude & black)

– seamless underwear (nude, white and black)
– Diary and pen

– Phone Charger (if you are relying on it for GPS and quiet entertainment).

– different types of shoes in various colours (never expect shoots to be at your jobs!)

– makeup basics (concealer, foundation, powder, bronzer etc)

– hairspray, elastics, bobbiepins!

Clear-Tick-icon    5. Always offer to help out

Etiquette is essential for getting re-booked!

Clear-Tick-icon    6. And lastly… HAVE FUN!

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