I would like to model – where do I start?

As an entry-level candidate to any industry, the best platform to build a career on is education and professional training.

For aspiring models we recommend the Comprehensive Model Course to kick start your modelling career. This 11-week program covers the core mandatory modelling modules, as well as conforming modules, with a strong focus on personal development. This course was specifically designed to equip new talent with the mental and physical tools they will need to succeed in the competitive modelling industry. Mentoring is available throughout the course, and afterwards, to all students seeking extra help and guidance.

At the completion of the course, you will have your very own unbranded model portfolio book, with diverse professional photos (digital and printed) and an e-comp card. We utilise our relationships and connections with the most prestigious modelling agencies to get our graduates castings to potentially get signed and represented.

How do I find out what type of modelling I should specialise in?

Unless you have already learnt the skills (like the techniques for runway or the intricate details of knowing how to pose and move in front of the camera) you can never be too sure where you will end up. Some models come into our course thinking they will specialise in runway but find that they are superstars in editorial. They feel that being in front of the camera is more natural to them. Once you have learnt the finer details then you will be able to make your final decision. BUT, in saying this, going in with an idea of where you think you fit is always a smart decision! We spend time going through each area of modelling with our students so when they move from class to class they have a better understanding, from the get-go, of where they should be! So, lets get to the exciting stuff and look into some of the areas you can specialise in.

  • High end fashion
  • Editorial print
  • Plus size models (Big is Beautiful)
  • Commercial print
  • Petite models
  • TV commercials
  • People models
  • Film or TV extras
  • All rounder models
  • Glamour modelling
  • Catalogue modelling
  • Body parts models

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How do I know if I have what it takes?

These days a description of a model is as diverse as the job itself. There is no longer one particular look for a model. The uniqueness of each individual is appealing to different agencies and Clients. The key elements are to be committed, dedicated, professional, reliable, well presented and have some experience (if you do not have any experience, then the next thing an Agency would look for is training and education – which is what we offer at AAM).

Do I really need to spend money on training and photos to model?

Absolutely! If you want to be a professional model you need to invest in your education. The Modelling Masters, Comprehensive Model Course and Editorial Short Course include portfolio building during the training sessions. Students get to learn and practice on a real set with a professional creative team assisting them all the way.

Every model needs a portfolio to show off their skills and demonstrate how versatile their looks can be. As we have been working in the modelling industry for many, many years, prior to training and educating, we know exactly what the agencies and clients are looking for; therefore we make our models’ portfolio diverse and take pride in supplying a portfolio that is ‘agency ready’.

Agencies don’t always have the time and resources to train their new talent. Newly signed models need images for their profile and online presence, so they get sent to test shoots. However, no training is provided on these test shoots and the model is expected to perform and not let the team down. This can be very overwhelming for a newbie and this is why we recommend starting your portfolio with professional trainers for guidance and having a good support system like AAM. Another advantage is, you will not need to pay for additional shoots with an agency as you will already have professional photographs from our courses that are ‘agency ready’.

How do agencies work?

Agencies hire talented models, promotional staff, actors and they place these people on their “books”. When clients come to the agency looking for a model or an actor, the agency will then present them with your photographs (or higher end agencies will create you a Comp Card which they will present). The agency will usually show a variety of talent and the client will then choose whom they would like to use. Sometimes clients will organise a ‘casting’ (where all the potential models or actors come together in a meeting environment) and then the client will select their model(s).

One of the modules of the Modelling Masters and Comprehensive Model Course is dedicated to this topic. We will train you how to best represent yourself at an interview with an agent or at a casting for a job. Starting with your personal presentation, verbal and non-verbal communication, and all the essentials you will need to bring with you (like how to do your models resume, understanding model contracts, how to present your folio book and much more).

Which agency will be best suited to me and how do I know it won’t be a scam?

Each agency has their own “look” and specialise in their own field of modelling. During the course you will learn about different genres of modelling so you will know where your strengths are and what interests you the most! Do what you love!

After completion, we offer mentoring sessions and you can consult with one of our professional staff members, of your choice, to help you make the right decisions. We can advise you of which agency your look will best be suited for, and we can apply on your behalf direct to the bookers.

When you choose where you want to be signed, there are some things you should look for so you don’t get caught in a scam:

  • Does this agency have a reputation?
  • Ask how many models they have on their books.
  • Make sure you go in for an interview and meet them face-to-face (if they don’t have an office and they are hiring you over the phone that may be your first warning sign).
  • Have a look at their social media (check out who their clients are and if they look like their models are getting regular work).

If I join an agency will I be guaranteed work?

There are no guarantees when it comes to work with agencies. There are many influencing factors that may affect the quantity of work you receive: are you the right look for that particular client and did you perform well in the casting?

If you have been selected into the casting you are already 50% of the way there, all you need to do is win over the client when you meet them! We will give you all the extensive tips to nail the casting. Together with your model manual you be perfectly equipped – allowing you to make a great lasting impression.

Are our portfolio book and photos really free?

Yes, the model portfolio book and professional photographs are included in the Modelling Masters, Comprehensive Model Course and Editorial Short Course! We give you an impressive, professional model portfolio book and with complementary images! We understand you want to be a professional model and we want to help you get there in style! We also know you may want more images, so we let you have the option to select more at a very minimal cost.

Does the Australian Academy of Modelling help me after I finish the course?

Of course! We try and further assist all our graduates to get signed with a reputable agency. We email your e-comp card direct to the bookers of agencies we think you will be most suited to, and recommend you. This gives you a higher chance of being invited to a casting or interview.

All AAM graduates have an option of mentoring sessions with any of our professional trainers and the co-founders, to receive further guidance and personalised advice. We are only a phone call or an email away if you need help to continue your modelling journey. We believe in ongoing support and friendship with our students and graduates.

What happens if I’m under 18? Can I still do the course?

The Australian Academy of Modelling enrols boys and girls. Our minimum age requirement is 13 years old.

If you are under the age of 18, we require your parents’ permission to attend our academy. Parents are welcome to come in to the class, or we have a separate room where parents can wait at every one of our training venues.