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Kristina Schapova October 23, 2014 0

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As a new model the aim of the game is to do as many TFP’s (time for print) as possible so you can network and build up your experience / portfolio. The more experience you have the more desirable you are to an Agency!

In our course we set you up with an ‘Agency Ready’ portfolio. This is the kind of portfolio which will get your foot in the door. The TFP’s are usually quite quirky and creative and it’s something that allows the photographer, makeup artist or stylist to show off their work (these photos are not about the model unlike Agency Ready images). Below is an example of a TFP and it is called a ‘mood board’ as it is an example of what the creative(s) want to recreate (aka the mood).

    mood board

Because you would have the initial Agency Ready portfolio, the TFP’s add some creativity and shows the client / agent your diversity! Most importantly, the more practice you have the better you will be in front of the lens!

So you may be still thinking, why don’t I just do TFP’s instead of an Agency Ready portfolio? The agent wont accept these creative images for your application or use them on their website (as you will usually have a lot of makeup on or your clothing will hide your face or body). This is not marketable to the client. They want to look at you as a blank canvas. The TFP’s are an addition to your Agency Ready portfolio!

But where do you go to find creatives (photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists) to do TFP’s you ask? A good place to start is with sites like:

You will find a lot of new models and freelance models will use a variety of sites like these to begin with (along with Facebook model groups) as models want to build their portfolios and it doesn’t cost them money to do the TFP.

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