Karina Moguel

Physical Details

Height 157cm
Bust 86cm
Waist 76cm
Skin colour Olive
Size M
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Dark brown
Shoe size AU6
Hips 93cm
Dress size 10
Visible tattoos N
Languages English, Spanish
Special skills Editorial, Runway

Contact Details

1300 249 745
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10 Things You Need to Know to Start Out in The Modelling Industry

So, you want to become a Professional Model? Or you just have some curiosity about the industry?

Either way, there must be a million questions running through your mind, and possibly even the doubts. Are you good enough? Do you have what it takes? Are you tall enough? What if you fail? These are some of the most common challenges we see aspiring models face.

We hope this e-book will give you a thorough insight into the industry and help guide you in the right direction to chase your dreams.

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