How to dress like a model

Kristina Schapova February 4, 2014 0



They are the role models that every fashionista looks up to when it comes to the latest trends and the most featured individuals in those amazing shiny bibles that we call fashion magazines. Models are truly the definition of fashion inspiration, but there’s that question that viewers always ask ‘how can I look like that?’ The answer not only lies within the modelling industry, but also within yourself! Here is a run down of what you need to do to make yourself look to your fashionable potential.

Before you start anywhere, there are things that you need to resolve in yourself. Looking at models can be daunting to some as you may feel less in comparison. This is not where I’m going to say that you must go under the knife and alter your face, you need to accept the way that you were born and go with it. So in order to dress like one, you need to feel like one, and self-confidence is key. Don’t cover your face with your hair, style it so that your face is the star. If there are features that you don’t like about yourself, try to detract away from these through make-up and highlight the ones that you love, but only use lightly. Do note however, sometimes its the features that you hate about yourself, that modelling agencies will love about you. Take Cara Delevingne’s trending bushy eyebrows as an example. Skin care is also essential and living a healthy lifestyle is a must if you are to change the way you look at yourself. Not only will this allow you to feel like a model, but it will promote a happier and joyful life in general.

Now here comes the fun part. Research current trends and create a catalogue of outfits and looks that get you excited! Read fashion magazines regularly, follow fashion bloggers and attend fashion festivals to discover what you would love to wear. In saying this however, be bold and wear something unique with your outfit that screams you, this is how new trends happen. As an everyday look, you will never go wrong with a pair of denim and a white or printed tee, and in case it’s a little chilly, a black leather jacket goes a long way. Add a bit of colour with your shoes and accessories to show off your personality and you are modelling material! Remember, this is just one of the many vast possibilities that you can employ in your wardrobe. Create a style for yourself through research and the world is your oyster.

Take a look at some inspiration below to start your model look journey. Have fun! Please also check out a new amazing blog that we are sponsoring, Tow us to Paris, where you will find some inspiration as well!


Cara Delevingne model off-duty look


Lindsey Wixson working her voluptuous lips


Famous fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni wearing a simple everyday look

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