How to excel at your next agency interview

Kristina Schapova May 20, 2018 0


Hello AAMers,

As the portfolios for our term 1 students are finalised, we have been applying to modelling agencies on behalf of our recent graduates and got them various interviews with the bookers. So, we thought we would share the agency interviewing tips with you all if you are tackling the competitive modelling industry on your own.

It may definitely be an overwhelming experience, so our students have a “Casting and Interviewing” module during the Comprehensive Model Course, presented by our amazing trainer Sage, who is part-owner and booker at Wink Models.

So here is the inside information on how to best impress the booker and excel at the interview:

• Arrive 10 mins early
• Bring your model portfolio book
• Bring a bottle of water
• Take deep breaths to tame nervousness
• Be patient and friendly
• Look and act confident
• Be open-minded and relaxed
• Never interrupt and answer only what is asked
• Be honest
• Be prepared but not rehearsed
• Ask questions to clarify if you are unsure of anything

Now to the big question, of what to wear??? Casting clothes are best, which are – fitted jeans and a black or a white top. Here are some examples:

Good luck with your agency applications, we hope you get some interviews and will be able to apply the tips discussed here to impress the booker!

To your success,
Kristina Schapova
Director of AAM

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