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Leathergrained Portfolio Book $129


The Portfolio Book is completely unbranded, so it is suitable for a freelance or an agency signed model. There is no other Portfolio Book like this available on the market! It has a hard back and cushioned underneath for a stylish look and feel. The book has 20 acid free pockets sized 9 by 12 inches. The pockets are a special plastic that doesn’t damage photos (or stick to them) and they have a longer life span. The book is leatherette, which is more durable to wear and animal cruelty free. The Portfolio comes in an Australian Academy of Modelling dust bag for safe storage.


Binding: Permanently bound in pages
Page size: 9 by 12 inch
Capacity: 20 pages (displays 40 photos)
Pocket type: Clear, acid free, top inserting pockets
Cover colour: Black
Cover finish: Leather-grain
Book construction: Machine-made press-book style with stitched reinforced edging. Cover material encases a heavy pressboard core.
Branding: No company branding on the Portfolio Book
Extras: Australian Academy of Modelling dust bag
Agencies: Bulk orders can be customised with Agency logo and contact information
Care: Make sure to keep your Portfolio out of the heat and direct sunlight to prevent damage to the Portfolio and photographs. Store is dust bag.



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