You want the TRUTH about tripping on the catwalk?

Kristina Schapova January 31, 2014 1

Catwalk Tips

When we tell you there will be a day that you will trip on the runway.. and when that day happens you need to be ready to pick yourself up and pretend like nothing happens.. we meant it!

Hear it first hand from international model, and our good friend, Melissa!


‘Sometimes you get great surfaces to walk on and don’t have to worry about the shoes at all. But others aren’t as easy. I’ve lost a shoe amongst a huge pile of autumn leaves that covered the entire catwalk, I’ve almost slipped on a mirrored catwalk that was so slippery it had the crowd worried for the models’ walking it, and I’ve once accidentally kicked a high heel down the runway only to have the crowd applaud as I sheepishly put it back on. To add insult to injury it made the news that night so my whole family also got to enjoy laughing at me. But hey, just another day at work and I wouldn’t swap my experiences for anything!’

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