7 most common mistakes models make

Kristina Schapova February 12, 2014 0

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Clear-Tick-icon    1. At the end of the day, what you need to remember is modelling is a serious business!

As a model you need to present yourself and treat your modelling career like a serious job. Like any business it takes a lot of commitment and time to build up your repore in the industy. Lucky Melbourne is an industry where everyone knows eachother – with that said, if you are serious and know how to move you can do well in the industry! But don’t expect to be an overnight success! Work hard and work with the right people!

Clear-Tick-icon    2. Make sure you have a healthy lifestyle!

You should be drinking at least 2 litres of water a day (hydrates the skin). And watch what you put in your mouth! Be cautious of greasy foods as it can cause bad skin and breakouts… a models worst nightmare (think of your skin as the canvas the client needs to paint on)! Needless to say, we are not saying you can’t treat yourself every now and then! You should also be snacking all throughout the day on healthy foods! Some models make the mistake of not eating (this can kill the metabolism and cause you to bloat up when you start eating again.. lets face it, its not sustainable and its damaging to the body) when in fact, if you are eating the right foods the metabolism will be at its best and love you for it! Our students eat a healthy balance of foods and their hair, skin and nails are vastly improved.. not to mention they are at a healthy employable weight. It is possible to look good and feel good without the crazy yoyo dieting! We also recommend 30mins of exercise a day! Go for a brisk walk around your neighbourhood, listen to some music and enjoy your ‘you time’. After your day of healthy eating and exercise you can enjoy your well earned 7-8 hrs of beauty sleep! Sufficient sleep is vital for keeping the mind alert and avoiding the dreaded dark circles under those pretty eyes!

Clear-Tick-icon    3. Present yourself like a model

Be confident, have a good attitude and be personable (if you are demanding or show attitude on a job you will be put in the too hard basket as the Agent or Client see’s you as high maintenance!).


Clear-Tick-icon    4. Dress like a model

Show your personal style off and keep your look clean, sophisticated  and simple!


Clear-Tick-icon    5. Look after your skin and your hair

A simple trick is to do your mud-mask and hair-mask on the same day (kill two birds with one stone)! Cleaning your cuticles is another important one! And ladies, take off your makeup before you go to bed!

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Clear-Tick-icon    6. Attend and apply for as many castings and go-sees as you can!

Every interview is the potential to make money and have your fresh face seen by more industry leaders.


Clear-Tick-icon    7. Become represented by a reputable Agency.

Not everyone is as lucky as our students and have their castings and go see’s organised for them (we are proud to show off that we are aligned with big agencies like Vivien’s, Giant, Vicious, FRM, London,  Mark Fitzgerald (FMM), Brazen, Elite Society.. to name a few). When choosing an agent to represent you, you need to ask yourself: Do they have good clients? Do they have good models on their books? Do they look like they are getting lots of work? Do they have good exposure in the modelling industry? If its yes, yes and yes, then you are off to a good start.

So after you have applied for your agencies say one of them has come back to you and said they want to you on their books.. besides from he HORAY.. that will come out of your mouth, you need to make sure the contract includes the standard conditions! Most smaller agencies wont make you sign anything (they will just give you the standard terms and conditions like don’t be late to jobs, be presentable etc).  As for the agents that do want you to sign – keep an eye out for things like your percentage of commission, what is the duration of your contract, are there cancellation terms, exclusivity rights or fees?


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