One of our favourite models, Gemma Ward, speaks about the significance of having a healthy mind and body

Kristina Schapova July 28, 2016 0

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With next months “Catwalk Confidence Workshop” coming up, we felt it was suitable to talk about the power of positive mindset. One of our favourite models, Gemma Ward, speaks to Vogue about her life advice for new models and the significance of having a healthy mind and body.


Whist shooting on her latest campaign for Country Road, Gemma Ward said “for any young girls, just to keep your spirit alive and keep your happiness alive as a number one priority. I think for women it’s important to have strength of character and strength of being able to hold onto that sense of happiness and wellbeing and not backing down from that being your number one priority,” she advises.

In our modelling courses you will find that we also encourage our students to have a healthy lifestyle by teaching them how to look after themselves in our personalised model fitness class. Gemma Ward also mentions how important of fitness in her career as she credits meditation in keeping herself in check. “I have found that when I started to meditate I learnt to balance the flow of my emotions and thoughts to gain more peace.”

While modelling, her best advice was not quite so literal. “I think sometimes it was just meeting certain people and seeing how they carried themselves which was kind of the best advice you can get,” she said, mentioning Kate Moss and Lauren Hutton as people that she had met and “felt… they embodied a grace, and a kind of nonchalant attitude of being themselves… they had that ease of self that I felt is something which we should all strive to embody.”

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