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We are super excited to announce our latest collaboration with ModelRock Lashes!!

ModelRock Lashes are now our exclusive lashes supplier to all our Masters & Comprehensive Model Course students! During the Hair and Makeup Module our lucky models will receive their own pair of these high-standard quality lashes! We cannot wait!!

Here is a little bit of a background story of where this amazing product came from and how you can get yourself a pair!

Coming to life in 2012, MODELROCK LASHES is an innovative Australian company that ‘stamps its authority’ on this beauty category with a lash to suit every occasion!

The brand prides itself on offering the highest quality false lash at the most affordable prices. New styles are continually in development producing exciting new false eyelashes including many of their own exclusively developed styles.


 Bat your lashes at the huge selection of everyday bridal styles, super naturals, glamour, party& theatre styles!

 The brand has established an impressive cache of high profile professional & celebrity makeup artists who love using the lashes including Dale Dorning, James Vincent, Roshar, Stephen Dimmick, Martin Bray, Nigel Stanislaus, Merton Muaremi, Melissa Sassine, Ann Hasserati, EBruKaracayli, Mia Connor, Chantelle Baker and Rae Morris.

 And if you find yourself in New York City without your MODELROCKLASHESyou can now find them at Abracadabra Superstore in the Flatiron District, New York’s premium professional makeup supply store.

 Find your MODELROCK LASHES at professional make-up artists, beauty salons, beauty wholesalers, hairdressing salons, luxury hair salons, and spa/beauty lounges.

Check out their website or send them an email ( to enquire on how to get yourself a beautiful set of lashes.

Double DIVA - Double layered Lash



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