Student of the week!

Kristina Schapova April 10, 2014 0

Student Update

Our student of the week is Cheyenne! Awarded our 2014 Beauty Award for best effort at our Hair and Make-up Master Class!

Held at the beautiful Wieselmann Toorak!!! Our models were spoilt having Dee (owner of Wieselmann) and her fantastic staff teaching them all the trick of the trade in hair training. They were also lucky to have our trainer, Sheran (owner of MakyajModel), who has also been featured in Vogue, teaching them everything there is to know about make-up! It was a very exciting day for all our boys and girls!


Cheyenne and our Make-up Trainer Sheran


Our students were very lucky to get some fantastic pressies in their goodie bag!


Sheran demonstrating to the class how to do the perfect brow on Astii!


Our girls learn how to curl and get that glamourous look with the team at Wieselmann.


Sheran and Dee proudly award Cheyenne for the best effort in our beauty class!

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