This is how you know what haircut you need as a model starting out!

Kristina Schapova April 9, 2015 1

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Ok, so we all should know by now the cardinal rule. If you are signed with an agent, don’t do anything.. I mean ANYTHING with your hair without consulting your Agent first.. BUT, if you are an aspiring model, every little bit of attention to detail will count.. And yes, tatty ends will make a difference to whether you will get signed or not. Because, believe or not, it all comes down to how much you take care of yourself and your appearance.

So the golden question is, ‘how do I know what haircut I should do?’

Well, let’s start by looking at the shape of your face.


If this looks like you, your face is a HEART shape.

1. This kind of face shape suits longer hair with a part to the side (as it balances out the shape of your face). A side part works well with this shape and accentuates your angled jaw line.

2. Go short! If you want to go short, go all the way little miss pixie! Make sure to have some layers and texture to soften your look as you don’t want your jaw line to dominate your look.


Square Shaped Face

1. A square shaped face will suit a subtle short to mid-length haircut.

2. Or if you are deciding between going shorter or longer than the mid length, a long hair doo is the way to go! This takes the attention away from your angular jaw line and bring the attention to the face as a whole.


The Oval Face

1. A fail safe option with an oval face is the side fringe, much like the heart shaped face. The side fringe will break up the length of your face so your look isn’t as severe and long. With this style a medium to long hair length will rock that look of yours!

2. Have you ever considered the blunt fringe with a long doo? Well you are in luck! Your face structure is perfect for this look as it will shorten the length of your face and create a bit more width!


The Round Face

1. Go for the center part and layer, layer, layyyyyer your hair! We love this look for faces that are round as it elongates the face and gives you a healthy, more mature look (to a face shape that can otherwise can give you a baby look).

2. Asymmetrical haircuts are also a doosey for the round shaped face. This will, again, slim out your face and give that sophisticated yet stylist appearance.


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