What NOT to do when applying to Modelling Agencies

Kristina Schapova August 6, 2014 0

Applying to Modelling Agencies


A lot of models seem to make this mistake! We’ll show you exactly what NOT TO DO when applying to Modelling Agencies – and we have given you a free checklist at the end of our blog so you can be sure you have sent everything they will need!

When you apply to an agency take some natural photos (these are called Polaroids, Digitals or Naturals) and despite your urge to use some of those filters or skin smoother apps, DO NOT! You will end up with a guaranteed ‘no’ from the agent or a request to send some natural images.

These two photos are great examples of EXACTLY what the agent wants to see (no photoshop, no filters, just 100% you!). They want to see how nice your skin is and they want to vision you as a blank canvas to work off. From your naturals they will get a feel for your look and they may tell you to change your hair colour or re-shape your brows if they feel it will make you more marketable. Do not be hesitant to change! You can always grow or colour your hair back to the way it was! It will not be the end of the world! If you want to become a professional model you need to listen to the professionals!


Photo 1: Head shot.


Photo 2: Full body.

You want to send the agency a head shot (close up to show your flawless skin) and a full length (to show your figure).

If your skin is not in the best condition,  go to a dermatologist (skin specialist) and get it as close to perfect before applying.  As good skin is crucial in the modelling world!

What do you wear and how do you do your makeup in these natural photos?

little to no makeup – the most you can have on is lip gloss, a little bit of blush and mascara.
fitted dark denim jeans (no rips or tears).
fitted white or black t-shirt or tank.

Free checklist

 Email the agent:

Clear-Tick-icon    2 natural photos.

Clear-Tick-icon   Physical details (this includes: height cm / waist / hips / chest / collar / dress size / shoe size. If you do not know how to measure or need a measuring tape you can find one in our applications page in our website along with notes on how to measure yourself!).

Clear-Tick-icon   A brief 200 word bio on what you have done in the modelling world! This gives you some credibility to the agency (you should list all the free modelling jobs you have done if you haven’t had any professional, paid, jobs).

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