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AAM was born and established in 2013, to help aspiring models become professional models and succeed in this competitive industry.

Our great team consists of international industry experts, who are still actively working in the industry, so our courses’ content is relevant and constantly up-to-date.

We want to see AAM students excel personally and professionally with our hands on and practical training. So, for all our Comprehensive Model Course graduates, we personally apply to modelling agencies and send in their e-comp cards to our booker friends around Melbourne.

Whether you are starting out in the industry or want to gain extra skills and knowledge, AAM is the perfect foundation to build your modelling career on.

Our Quality

At AAM we have a holistic approach to the industry, training our students not only all things modelling, but healthy well-being, positive mindset, self-confidence, leadership and business strategies. We believe modelling is more about brains than beauty, so our modelling courses teach invaluable life skills transforming and empowering students not only professionally but also personally.

We only take in a hand full of students as this is a hands-on, practical and highly individualised program to help our students attain everything they possibly need to have the best chance of success in the modelling industry. This is why our students will have a higher chance of getting recruited as we also have amazing relationships with Australia’s top modelling agencies.

Our Promise

Whether you want to become a professional model, or you just want to learn new skills and build confidence, you will benefit from our international trainers and interactive training! We develop models’ self-esteem, build on personal development and create long lasting relationships with our trainers and students. AAM is a community that embraces all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds.

We promise that we will give you all the mental and physical tools needed to succeed in this competitive industry! Our renowned Comprehensive Model Course will teach you all that you need to know to kick start your modelling career and kick goals! Want to find out more? Contact us today and we can book in a complimentary consultation

Our Team

We picked the best in the industry to train YOU and mentor you, so you have all the support needed to chase your dreams! We have a trainer per module, specialising in that particular field. So you can learn from the best and gain insight knowledge. Many of our trainers have worked worldwide, so our students gain international knowledge and skills in the modelling industry.

Our trainers, aka industry experts, are all actively working in the industry, providing current and up-to-date content for our students. During our in-house photo shoots, we have an amazing creative team of makeup artists, hair and fashion stylists, to glam up all the students for their portfolio shoots. AAM students have the opportunity to utilize the trainers and the creatives involved throughout the training and start networking whilst they are studying.

Kristina Schapova compagnino AAM australian academy of modelling

Kristina Schapova – Director

Kristina has a background in fashion styling and business marketing, working in the modelling industry for the last decade, she has built a powerful network of influential contacts, many of whom are trainers and associates of the academy.

She drives AAM forward making sure it stays on trend and relevant to the vastly evolving modelling industry. Kristina thrives on being a part of her students’ journey and watching them grow and transform not only professionally but also personally.

Her number one goal and her primary motivation is seeing her graduates succeed in the industry and being able to do what they love.

australian academy of modelling australia about us sohial farzam pillars of mastery

Sohial Farzam – Nutrition and Positive Mindset Trainer

Sohial is the founder of Pillars of Mastery. Sohial’s purpose is to empower you to live to your full potential and expand beyond your personal limitations and fears. He aim to provide valuable education & knowledge to become your own leader and achieve success in your health, your business and your mindset. He aims is to help you pave the road to the dreams as a model that others have tried to discourage. Sohial is also a doctor of Natural Medicine specialising in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine. With a keen interest in Psycho-Neuro Immunology working to enhance the perceptions of individuals in better understanding their health, psychology and the principles of life; with an ultimate goal to maximise human potential.

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australian academy of modelling australia about us persia martel cruz

Persia Martel Cruz – Head Photographer and Editorial Trainer

AAM is proud to have Persia Martel Cruz as the head Photographic Trainer and mentor. Working as a model for many years in America and Australia, the published fashion photographer brings a unique perspective to the course. With her invaluable experience both in front of and behind the lens, Persia trains students to harness their creative energies and model with confidence – crafting quality portfolios together with our creative team.

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australian academy of modelling australia about us babushka Ferenczi

Babushka Férenczi – Catwalk Trainer

Babushka is a French model currently based in Melbourne. She has been in the industry for over 10 years, starting as a bridal runway model back in France. She has decided to put on hold her career as a high school teacher to dedicate herself full time to the fashion industry, broadening her experience to editorial and commercial work. Her experience as a professional dancer is noticeable in her way of walking and although she enjoys all aspects of modelling, strutting the catwalks remains her strongest and favourite forte.

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australian academy of modelling australia about us sage greenwood wink models

Sage Greenwood - Financials & Agency Interviewing Trainer

Sage Greenwood is the Managing Director of WINK Models, Australia’s leading commercial modelling agency. With 10 years experience in the industry as a model, Sage worked in Australia and globally as a leading catwalk and fashion model. Her experience as a model has given her the industry insight to run WINK Models and manage the 800+ models WINK represents. Sage works with clients such as Target, Nike, Sephora and Myer to bring campaigns and activations to life. Sage is passionate about inclusivity and has become a thought leader on diversity in the advertising and modelling industries.

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australian academy of modelling australia about us tiarne Klimisch

Tiarne Klimisch - Hair Masterclass Trainer

Chumba Concept Salon of Windsor is an elegant and visually dynamic salon – treat yourself to all current trends and latest styles as a model. Chumba Concept Salon is host to some of the most experienced hair professionals and their clientele range from actor and models to celebrities and socialites, grandmothers to young starlets and everything in between. Tiarne from Chumba Concept Salon will share years of knowledge and training with our students; teaching them all the industry tips and tricks to best look after and style their hair for the modelling industry.

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australian academy of modelling australia about us michelle tanian

Michelle Tanian - Makeup Masterclass Trainer

Michelle has a passion for bringing out the natural beauty in any model and showcases this within her work and her teaching style. Having worked extensively within the industry, she has gained experience across multiple platforms creating lasting networks. Michelle chooses to focus her attention on working within the film, editorial, commercial and runway platforms; allowing her the creative freedom to create and share her passion in a collaborative way.

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