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It is no surprise that entering a new industry may be overwhelming. Within any field, to increase your chances of success, it is advised to get professional training and education.

Modelling is extremely competitive, so you need to know how to stand out from the crowd to get noticed, understand how the castings and interviews work and learn how to perform your best at castings.

As an aspiring model, it is best to get guidance and training from a modelling school. Make sure to conduct thorough research into all the model academies, as it helps you make an informed decision into where to invest your time and money, in order to reach your goals and chase your dreams.

For aspiring models, we recommend the Comprehensive Model Course to kick start your modelling career. This 11-week program covers the core mandatory modelling modules, as well as conforming modules, with a strong focus on personal development. This course was specifically designed to equip new talent with the mental and physical tools they will need to succeed in the competitive modelling industry. Mentoring is available throughout the course, and afterwards, to all students seeking extra help and guidance.


Students finish the training with a diverse professional portfolio – photos given in hard copy in our unbranded portfolio book, as well as digital copies in high and low resolutions. We apply to all top modelling agencies in Melbourne and Sydney on behalf of all of our Comprehensive Model Course graduates.

You do not need any experience to join our training, we will educate you on everything you need to know about the industry and teach you all the required skill sets. So, there are no prerequisites to enrol in our model courses.

Modelling agencies have their individual requirements for their talent based on their clientele. At AAM we have a holistic approach and train all aspects of the diverse modelling types – giving you a better understanding of where you might be best suited to and what you excel at most.

Absolutely!!! Confidence building is one of our main focuses and is discussed in every module from different perspectives. The very first official module is dedicated to just that! We talk about confidence, what it means, where it comes from, how to deal with rejection, anxiety and stress. Our amazing trainer is a health professional who has a high interest in the human psychology, so this class is very powerful and has transformed many of our graduates in both their personal and professional lives.

We keep our class sizes small for intimate and personalised training. You will be in training with like-minded people, who are also there to learn about the industry as well as improve their self-esteem. So, it is a very safe environment to overcome your fears with the support and guidance from your trusted mentors. 

These days a description of a model is as diverse as the job itself. There is no longer one particular look for a model. The uniqueness of each individual is appealing to different agencies and clients. The key elements are to be committed, dedicated, professional, reliable, confident, well presented and have some experience. If you do not have any experience, the next thing an agent or client would look for is training and education – which is what we offer here at AAM.

The industry is more about brains than beauty, so you need to be business savvy as well. This is why our training includes vital discussions about building your brand, setting yourself up as a business with an ABN, marketing strategies, finances, networking, goal setting, leadership and so much more.

You must be 13 years old + to join our training, as we do not do children’s modelling.

There is no maximum age. We believe you can work in the industry at any age.

No. If an agency likes your look, they will take their own digitals of you and can sign you without a portfolio. As a newly signed model you will be ‘in development’ on the agency’s books, meaning you are still developing your folio but also are available for work. To build your portfolio the agency will send you on test shoots, however no training is provided on these test shoots (or minimal training) and the model is expected to perform on set. This can be very overwhelming for a new model and this is why we recommend starting your portfolio with professional trainers for nurtured guidance, giving you a great support system and ongoing mentoring like AAM.

Later on, when you start working, you will know exactly how to prepare for editorial shoots of various concepts, how to pose and communicate your message behind the camera, and how to maximise your time on jobs with the fellow creatives.

During the Comprehensive Model Course, the last 4 weeks is the editorial training and portfolio building. Everything you will learn in the first 7 weeks and all the skills you will acquire, you can apply to your photoshoots. Each class will be a different concept photoshoot, with a fashion photographer and a professional creative team – so you will get your hair and makeup done, and wardrobe will be provided by a fashion stylist sourcing looks just for you! The AAM folio you will receive upon completion of the training will be agency ready, meaning if you get signed to an agency, they will be able to use your photos for your profile on their site. If you choose to freelance, we will guide you how you can build on your folio to further grow it and get more industry jobs and opportunities.

No, the shoots and photographs are inclusive of the training in Comprehensive Model Course and Editorial Short Course. There are 4 diverse shoots during the training, with a professional creative team of makeup artists, hair stylists and fashion stylists. Shoots are run and shot by a fashion photographer. Students receive 1 professionally edited photograph per shoot printed in a portfolio book, and in digital copies in high and low resolutions. This is all inclusive in the course fee, with no extra costs. But if you wish to get additional images, they will be available for purchase and will be retouched for you.  

A composition card is a model’s business card. It usually has one main photo on one side, and a few more images on the other side, together with the model’s measurements and contact details. With the current digital shift, the industry has moved onto e-comp cards, with many agencies creating an electronic version of the composition card, rather than printing the physical copies. The great advantage is, when your measurements change, or you want to update the photos, it is easily editable with the e-file! Not to mention, it is super quick and easy to apply for jobs and agencies with your e-comp card!

All our Comprehensive Model Course students will receive their own e-comp cards upon completion of the training.

Our renowned training is absolutely worth the investment, and in fact, we had some students say that it is too cheap for the great value that you receive throughout the training. We are proud to say that over the years since establishing AAM we have 100% graduates’ satisfaction!

To enrol in the course, you will need to pay 20% deposit to secure your spot in the small class. We have payment plan options which commence after the course starts and you can pay as you study. Payment plans are fortnightly payments over 8 weeks, or you can choose to do it over 10 weeks and minimise the repayment amounts. You do not need to pay in full and upfront in order to join our AAM fam.

We have male and female students and trainers in the course. The content is tailored to both sexes. The makeup and hair looks that are taught during the course are - 3 looks of each for girls, and 3 looks of each for the boys. Techniques for modelling skills are also modified to male techniques and female techniques, they vary for both genders, so trainers teach both. This is also why we have small class sizes, so the training can be customised for each student for the most value. 

Feel free to fill out the ‘Enquiry form’ or email so we can send you all the detailed info on our course and the enrolment process.

We offer free and no obligation consultations, where we can have a chat to discuss all of your questions or concerns. 

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