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Different Types of Modelling

This is the answer to your doubts! If you think you are not tall enough, and you may not be for High End Fashion, but there are so so many other types of modelling you can do. Just have a read below. But remember, do not limit yourself. If there is a particular type of modelling you have always wanted to do, go for it. We have seen it with our AAM graduates, and international models, where they do not meet the industry standard, but because they have been dedicated to chasing their dreams, they got there with hard work and practice!

High End Fashion
These models are generally very tall and lean. Their look makes them more graceful on the runway and fashion designers usually pick these models for editorial shoots. Females are usually around 172 cm – 180 cm (5”8 – 5”11) and depending on where you are marketed, your sizes for those regions are usually 4-6 US, 6-8 UK, 10 AU with a typical bust size of 34. The age range can be from 14 to 25 (however in America there has been some recent changes for minors being used as models, so designers are now opting for 18 plus models for their campaigns). Males have it a bit easier, as designers are more flexible, and are happy to use models from the age of 16 up until their late 40’s. Male models need to be around 180 cm – 188 cm (usually a smaller suit size and build 37” – 42”)

Editorial Print
You will find an editorial print model on the cover of a Vogue magazine. These models are incredibly photogenic and usually work in High End Fashion as well. Models that go into editorial do it more so for the exposure and novelty than for the pay (as fees are sometimes relatively low to begin with). After a few years and more experience that’s when the bigger paying jobs begin!

Commercial Print
There is a great market for commercial print advertising. It ranges from magazines, to billboards, to products seen on the shelves at a supermarket. A great perk about working in this industry is the target audience varies – so there are many opportunities for you here if you do not fall into the High Fashion division.

Petite Models:
This model is quite small and will wear smaller garments. A petite model is usually around 5’6” (168 cm) to 5’7” (170 cm).

Plus Size Models 
This model wears larger garments, is tall, in proportion, toned and is between sizes 12 to 20. This type of modelling has increased in popularity and more and more advertisers are using Plus Size Models to promote their products in the efforts to appeal to a larger demographic. There is no market still for BiB male models. In North America these models sometimes earn more than editorial models! For High Fashion Plus Sized Models you need to be around 172 cm (5”8).

All-Rounder Models
This kind of model is usually working in all areas of modelling (photographic, catwalk, showroom and acting / TV commercials).

Catalogue Modelling
You would have definitely seen a catalogue model in print or online before! Clients use these models to sell their latest line of clothing or products and, of course, the model’s job is to make these items look more appealing to the consumer. With the increasing number of websites and apps going up these days more models are being used to promote their goods online – this is a lucrative industry for many models!

Glamour Modelling
This type of modelling emphasises a model’s sex appeal and can range from lingerie and swimwear to nude photography for men’s magazines like ZOO or Ralph. A glamour model is confident, sexy and is extremely extraverted. These models do not have height requirements, which is appealing for many models. But if you consider doing this kind of modelling we would advise you have a good agent who will look out for your best interest – as many models, especially those that are younger, can get taken advantage of.

Body Parts Models
This is not something a model generally thinks of when they go into the modelling industry, but yes, it is actually a very lucrative industry. Most common body parts are hair, eyes, lips, hands, feet, legs, etc, which are used to promote brands and products in print and TV. Surprisingly this industry can be quite profitable!

TV Commercials
These models do not have height, size or age requirements, as each commercial will need something different. It will usually require you to have some acting skills, as you may need to talk or behave in a certain way. Commercials range from highly stylised, photographic, to reality style.

People Models and TV or Film Extras
If you like the idea of modelling, but you don’t quite fit into those categories this could be perfect for you. Real life models, also known as people models, are used in everyday ads or corporate campaigns where they are looking for someone as a TV/ Film Extra. Most of the time these jobs will have no speaking parts and you will simply be in the background. These jobs are quite interesting and can pay very well as the hours are long (there is a lot of waiting around… and the waiting around is paid for – hooray!).

We love watching our students grow and transform personally and professionally, so if you want to discuss our courses and the industry further, feel free to contact me directly to set up a time for a complimentary consultation –

To your success,
Kristina Schapova
Director of AAM

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