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Agent’s unwritten rules around models’ hair styling

Did you know when you are signed with a modelling agency you can no longer cut and colour your hair as you please? If you want a change, then you need to discuss it with your booker.

Hair style – colour and cut, is one of the attributes taken into consideration when models are booked for jobs. A client would have taken your overall look into consideration when choosing you for their project, so if you change your hair, whether it be colour or cut, you are no longer representing the “look” they have chosen. So, if you have decided it is time for a change, and your booker has agreed on this, make sure to update your portfolio.

With the new look, come the new images for your folio, comp cards and online profile.

When you go to castings, go-sees or interviews, make sure your hair is clean and is styled nicely. Never turn up to jobs with oily or dirty hair, if you know you will be rushed in the morning, then make sure to wash and style your hair the night before.

Upkeep your hair condition, by looking after it and getting regular trims, to keep your hair healthy. Your hairdresser can be very creative when it comes to cutting your hair lengths so before you let them snip away, tell them how much is allowed to be taken off. Unless you have confirmed a drastic chop with your agent, it is safe to say that anything different to the current hair length is going to be an unwanted surprise to your agent.

Below is a video from our Online Model Course where our trainer Tiarne discusses the what to do and not to do with your hair styles:



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2 thoughts on “Agent’s unwritten rules around models’ hair styling”

  1. Fair enough! It is understandable why modeling agencies want to have complete control over the models’ hairstyles and color. I was under the impression that only their vital statistics mattered. What then is the acceptable length and hairstyle that agencies prefer for their models? Are they ok with closely cropped hair?

    1. Kristina Compagnino

      Hi Arun,
      Great question. The hair length that bookers prefer varies from agency to agency. It will depend on the agency’s clientele and what will be more marketable for the models this agency represents. Just make sure that your portfolio represents your current look.
      Feel free to contact us if you want to chat further about it.

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