How to Kickstart Your Journey as an Australian Model

Here’s How to Kickstart Your Journey as an Australian Model in 2024

Be Runway Ready: Mastering the Skills for Success as a Melbourne Model and beyond

“But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s easy. Much like dancing, it takes dedication to truly master.”

No model was ‘Born this way’. They fought for it and earned it.

It’s no secret that the fashion models gracing the runways make their craft appear effortless. It’s
as if they’ve been strutting with unparalleled style since taking their first steps. However, such
models aren’t born, they’re made. And you can be too, but it’s a journey which involves
struggle, countless hours of dedication, and disciplined effort to refine.


You can’t survive in this industry on looks alone

There’s no denying it, beauty holds a serious sway in the world of modelling and fashion, it’s a
timeless force that’s shaped the industry from the very beginning. However, beyond beauty lies
another vital skill for any aspiring model seeking success. In short, a comprehensive
understanding of how to navigate this world. This involves not only the proper self-care and
presentation, but also the ability to leave a lasting impression. It’s this holistic knowledge, which
distinguishes the pros from the amateurs.


Building the bedrock of success

Look at it this way, amidst the competitive landscape, imagine two models of equal relative
beauty applying for a role. Who scores it? Well, that’s easy, it’s the one with a positive mindset,
an unwavering confidence and a fierce passion that wins the interview. Moreover, it’s this
self-assurance which not only charms those they meet, it also keeps them steady to weather
any storm and endure any challenge they may face. Mental strength is a magnetic force, it holds
the power to attract opportunities and sets a bedrock to flourish in this dynamic industry.

“True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.” – Audrey Hepburn


You are what you eat

Of course, it’s wise to remember that a sharp mind and healthy body needs proper support and
fuel to stay keen, and that’s where nutrition becomes another cornerstone on your journey to
success. The age-old adage ‘You are what you eat’ holds true in the modern era, serving as the
foundation of physical beauty. A balanced diet nourishes the skin, hair and body, manifesting a
radiating glow that sets models apart. Always keep in mind that the plate is the vehicle for


Not all hair and make-up are created equal

Now, let’s talk about the truth regarding hair and makeup. Believe it or not, but less is more.
With society embracing diverse looks, staying natural and consistent is a smart move. Your
physical appearance is your brand and authenticity speaks volume. Simply put, choose
hairstyles that complement your face and apply just enough makeup to highlight your best
features. Above all, embrace your natural beauty, it’s incredibly alluring.


You’ve talked the talk, now it’s time to walk the walk

Now we reach the most iconic aspect of being a model: the runway. But don’t be fooled into
thinking it’s easy. Much like anything worthwhile in life, it takes dedication to truly master. The
catwalk is a challenging domain filled with subtleties and carefully refined techniques. Models
who master these precise movements, expressions, and postures are the ones who captivate
audiences. Therefore, find a teacher who respects the art and guides you with the proper
technique, to walk just as gracefully as some history’s most iconic models.


Good manners are never going out of fashion

However, while all these elements are crucial for being a well-rounded model, they become
worthless if you don’t conduct yourself with proper etiquette. It’s a non-negotiable expectation,
from networking to interacting with an agency, how you behave is a part of your brand.
Professionalism, decorum, and respect are the secret ingredients that build reputation and
propels your career forward, turning your dream into reality.


Every great body of work had to start somewhere…

In today’s dynamic world of fashion and entertainment, the industry is undergoing rapid
transformation. There has never been a more opportune moment to pursue your goal of
becoming a model. And at the Australian Academy of Modelling, we offer comprehensive
training, covering everything discussed in this blog and in greater detail, alongside even more
valuable insights.


Additionally, we provide expert guidance in mastering the art of the model walk and assistance
in kick-starting your portfolio with four diverse professional shoots. Every great model
embarked on their journey at some point, and we invite you to start yours with AAM.


Click here to schedule your free discovery call and take the first step towards realising your
modelling dream.


Glen Carter
AAM content writer


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