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How to measure yourself properly?

It is vital for models to know their correct measurements, especially when going to castings and interviews. These are recorded on your e-comp card/comp card, and your profile on your agency’s website, if you are signed. In Australia, the industry works with centimetres, so we recommend you measure yourself in cm.

Measuring requirements are different for males and females, but the same tips apply.
Measure on bare skin and make sure the measuring tape is not too tight and not too loose.

Chest / Bust
When you measure your chest or bust you want to start where you are fullest. Start there and then wrap it under your armpits, around the back of your shoulder blades and then back to where you started measuring.

Start measuring above your belly button and below your ribs, this should be the smallest part of your waist. Another good way to check you have gotten the right spot is to bend to one side and the crease line is exactly where your waist is. When you measure don’t tense, hold your breath or suck in your stomach, as it will give a wrong reading. Take shallow breaths and remember not to pull the tape tight when measuring, it needs to be snug.

The hips are just below your waist and you can usually tell where to start as you measure from the fullest part of your backside and then all the way around to the front.

This one is for the males only – When you are measuring around your neck, measure just above the base (around your Adam’s apple). When you want to measure your collar you then put two fingers between the tape and your neck.

To help you with your modelling journey, we have provided an example of a measuring template, a page from our AAM Model Manual book.


If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help, please feel free to email us –

To your success,
Kristina Compagnino
Director of AAM

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