How to stand out from the crowd at runway casting

Some people have interviews in order to secure a job, and models go to castings to be selected for a job. You may have heard that first impressions are vital, even more so at castings with many many other models, which means.. you also need to know how to stand out from the crowd.

At runway castings, there is usually a judging panel of 3-4 people, who collectively choose and hire models for fashion shows. The model usually does a catwalk and then presents themselves to the judging panel. It is important to make eye contact with every single person on that panel and acknowledge all judges. When speaking, make sure to articulate your speech with a friendly tone and loud enough for the judges to hear and understand.

Generally, you need to mention your name, height, age, if you are represented by an agency or are freelancing, and a bit about your experience. If your industry experience is limited, mentioning professional education and training is imperative, as it shows you’re committed and eager to succeed.

Etiquette Tips:

• Make eye contact
• Smile
• Always be polite
• Know some background about your clients, customers and photographers
• Remember who you have previously worked with, so when they ask you don’t have to pause to remember
• Bring portfolio book & comp cards

During the Comprehensive Model Course we discuss casting and interviewing in a few modules with various trainers, and during the catwalk training we even do a mock castings, so our students can practice and grasp the notion of the overwhelming casting process.

Below is a video from our Online Model Course where our trainer Babushka summarised her tips to successfully stand out from the crowd at the casting:


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2 thoughts on “How to stand out from the crowd at runway casting”

  1. Hey my names Natasha Renay Saban and I’m keen on modelling, I’ve never modelled before but if I got the chance I would like to make the most out of it as I love beauty, makeup, modelling and I also train as a kick boxer and would love to get some photo shoots.

    1. Kristina Compagnino

      Hi Natasha,
      Sounds like you will greatly benefit from our Comprehensive Model Course. It has a strong focus on personal development and confidence building. This course has been specifically designed for aspiring models, it is the essential induction into the modelling industry and the perfect foundation to build a modelling career on.
      Feel free to contact our office, or send us an email, and we can book in a free consultation to discuss further.

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