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What are the steps to become a professional model?

Are you intrigued by the modelling industry but feel overwhelmed and not sure where or how to begin? We understand, and that is exactly why AAM was born and established, to help aspiring models, like yourself, to have a supportive foundation and interactive community; where you are presented with industry opportunities and ongoing mentoring, from myself and our team of international experts.

So, your goal is to become a professional model? There are a few basic steps you need to take to chase that goal and start making your dreams a reality. Below, we outlined the modelling pathway you’ll need to undertake to start working successfully in the industry.

Desire and motivation to do something about becoming a model

Expression for this desire

Positive thoughts and mindset practice

Learn about the modelling industry

Nourishing the body and mind with water and healthy food

Look after your body with exercise and tone your figure

Looking after skin to gain clear complexion

Learning makeup care and looks

Apply makeup correctly and professionally

Learn hair care and styles

Do hair correctly and professionally

Dress like a model with complementing colours and styles for your shape

Learn posture, techniques and expressions on the runway

Learn movement, angles and expressions in editorial

Have photoshoots to build your model portfolio

Learn how to interview

Learn how to apply to modelling agencies

Join a modelling agency or freelance

Have images on a website, e-comp card and in your portfolio book

Go to go-sees and castings

Do test-shoots (free time for images also known as TFP (time for print))

Start taking professional modelling jobs

Build experience and network

Grow and further develop your own individual style


Don’t worry, you do not need to do it all in one day. Starting and building a successful career takes time. So, set yourself a realistic timeframe to learn about each stage, and the overall process. Here is a short video from our Online Model Course, available at AAM Online, where you can watch our trainer Sohial talk further about the modelling path:


We cover all of the above topics, and more, in our renowned Comprehensive Model Course. You do not need any prior experience – we will teach you everything you need to know and give you all the necessary tools. You do not need to be a certain height, size, shape – the industry has become extremely diverse and there are jobs for everybody.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions –

To your success,
Kristina Schapova

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