As we welcome the new year we set ourselves new goals, resolutions and fresh motivations. The core of all these will be your values, which will steer your intentions. So what are values?

Let’s explore, with this inside content from our ‘Positive Mindset’ module of the Comprehensive Model Course.

Values are simply the things you do (the actions you take) on the things that seem meaningful and important to you.

Values are not things like trust, honesty, integrity, respect etc. Although some believe it is.

However, it is more accurate to look at what your life demonstrates by your actions e.g., reading books, eating consciously and healthy, spending time with friends and family, travelling, drawing, playing games, watching movies etc.

So, it is wise then to spend your day doing things that you value most isn’t it? The answer is an obvious YES. Then why do so many people don’t live this way? Because of two reasons:

1.    They don’t know or appreciate what they value and therefore are not confident in doing the things they love most.
2.    They subordinate or inject other people’s values in their life either due to peer pressure, uncertainty in their own values or to feel like they need to belong to others to feel good about themselves.

You can never be anyone else in this life other than your powerful, genius, beautiful and creative self. That’s right you are all of these qualities. Only you need to believe it before anyone else does.

You need to feel certain and confident in doing things and spending time on things that inspire you, uplift you and give you energy.

Not doing this, in other words living to someone else’s value structures, takes away your motivation in life, your inspiration, your energy and your willpower.

Most importantly it makes you become needy, scattered, lost, confused. What this then does, is that it makes you crave immediate satisfying activities (and or foods, drugs, alcohol, smoking etc) – so you become obsessive about needing things that give you a quick boost. These things are short lived, and it is why you will crave more and more of the things your body seemingly needs.

So, living a life that is meaningful to you means you are more confident, more focused, more accountable, more inspired and you can handle things with patience and endurance.

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To your success,
The AAM team

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