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What is in your portfolio?

Want to know what photos to include in your model portfolio?

The four concepts we recommend for models to have in their books are:

  • Digis
  • Commercial
  • Editorial
  • Beauty

These are essentials in the industry. We encourage models to know what these are and demonstrate their potential within this basic range. Make sure these four concepts are present in your books, and if you are just starting out then we advise to build your folios with this foundation.

If you are not sure exactly what some, or all, of the basic concepts mean and represent, let’s discuss and we will explain what each photoshoot concept entails.

Below I have created moodboards for each type of the photoshoots, so you can see what it looks like, how the models are posing and the overall look of the shoot.

Confused by the word moodboard? It’s an important one to learn, as it is very frequently used in the industry and without these the creatives would not be on the same page. So, a moodboard is a collage of inspirational images to convey the look and feel of a proposed idea. As you can see below, our moodboards are a bunch of photos put together from one particular style and they all convey the same message.


First up is digitals, aka digis. Example above.

This is a natural shot of yourself, simple hair, no or very minimal makeup, wearing casting clothes.

These may not look like much, or be the most fun shoot, as it does not require a creative team, but the digis are your most important photos in your folio! They showcase you. Your natural self. This is what agencies and clients want to see before they make a decision to invite you in for an interview or a casting.


Above is the example of a commercial shoot.

The word commercial in itself refers to selling something. This is very much a campaign style shoot, showcasing clothes or accessories. As a model you need to learn how to sell an outfit you are wearing and demonstrate its features.


Next we have the editorial shoot.

This one is more edgy and fashion forward. We shot in black and white a couple of years and kept it this way to diversify our students’ model portfolios. But it absolutely can also be in colour. Fashion stylists love this one as they can have a lot of fun and push their boundaries with the creative direction.


And the final one is beauty. Example above.

This is a like a headshot, but known as beauty in the industry. No fashion stylists with this one, and you can wear a top of your choice, as the main concentration is on your face, the expression and that eye connection that the model must have with the camera. Very beautiful end product, don’t you think?

These four concepts we shoot within the academy with the input of our amazing creative team of fashion photographer, makeup artists, hair and fashion stylists. This is included in the Comprehensive Model Course, or can be done separately as the Editorial Short Course. Both courses available in Melbourne and Sydney.

Editorial Short Course is recommended for models with experience, who want to update their folio. For aspiring models with no or minimum experience we recommend the Comprehensive Model Course, as it can be very overwhelming to go straight into the photoshoots if you have limited knowledge of the industry.

If you are interested in having your folio done with our AAM team, get in touch with me to discuss the best option suited to you and your situation – kristina@australianacademyofmodelling.com.au

To your success,
Kristina Compagnino
Founder of AAM

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