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Maintaining muscle for male models with home workouts

Hello AAMers!

I know lockdown can seem like a break from your normal life and routine and act as an excuse to cease your workouts. This is anything but the case!

Without access to the gym there is still ample opportunity for you to fit in a great workout at home. Maintaining your fitness levels during this time will ensure you can ease back into your lifestyle once lockdown is over, rather than having to build your fitness back up from scratch.

Some of you may have completed our modelling courses and know how important exercise is, especially for current and aspiring models. In the modules you would have learnt how often you should be training and the difference between different types of workouts.

As we all know, working out is not only for the body, it’s also for the mind. During a time when our mental health is so fragile, we should be doing all that we can to sustain it. A dose of endorphins from a workout always produces a positive outcome.

Working out doesn’t have to be intimidating or complicated. It can be as casual as working out in the middle of your living room.

Personal trainer and model, James Oklander (@jamesoklander) shows us just how simple it is to workout from home, without the need for any equipment or significant space.

james oklander aam blog australian academy of modelling james oklander aam blog australian academy of modelling

James has worked with brands such as The Iconic, boohooMAN and Wrangler.
To maintain his physique, James continues to exercise from home.

Watch the following video for a recap of James’ typical training session.
*Please note the workout is designed for male models*


Exercises performed:
1a) 10 jump lunges / 10 jump squats
1b) Incline push up w hold 10 push ups 10 sec hold
1c) Dips 10-15 reps

2a) Push up-burpee – tuck jump 10 reps
2b) Squat hold 30 sec – 1 min
2c) Push up hold 20- 45 sec

3a) Shoot throughs 20 reps
3b) Alternating leg raise 20 reps
3c) Butterfly sit up 10-15 reps

Each group of exercises should be repeated twice before moving on to the next group, ensuring a rest time of no more than 2 minutes.
Additional weight can be added to exercise to increase their intensity.

So, if you’re in need of a training session, challenge yourself and try this one out!
Your body and mind will thank you for it.

Lots of Love,

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