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Becoming version 2.0 during iso 2.0

If you’ve been looking for a sign to get up and do something productive with your time, this is it.
2020 has not quite succumbed to our expectations and it has certainly interfered with everyone’s lives and plans. This is a difficult time for many Australians, particularly those who have lost their jobs and are suffering from mental health issues. But for those of us who have been less scarred by this rollercoaster of a year, I urge you NOT to treat 2020 as a write-off while waiting for a do-over in 2021, but instead, to utilise this free time as a unique opportunity for self improvement.

Now more than ever is the perfect chance to work on being the best version of yourself. Instead of aimlessly scrolling through your instagram feed for hours a day and envying everyone who has found some sort of cool new hobby to pick up during this time of isolation, put down that phone of yours and focus on you (after you’ve read this article).

If you’re struggling to find a way to improve yourself, keep reading. These are 5 steps to becoming your best self, version 2.0.

1. Start a journal
A lot of us don’t take the time to reflect on ourselves, our values and goals. I want you to write down what your main goals in life are, however crazy and ambitious they may be. Happiness is all about being balanced, therefore I would like you to seperate those goals into work goals, health goals, relationship goals, social goals and financial goals.

2. Looking at your goals, think about what you should be doing in order to achieve them
Obviously, during this unprecedented time many of our plans have had to be cancelled, and for some of us, it may feel as if we’ve been stunted in pursuit of our goals, waiting until life gets back to normal to continue our journey towards our objectives. This is exactly what you should not be doing. Yes, there are some things that will have to wait until iso is over but there are many other skills you could be developing while sitting at home.

Work goals? Look up online courses that will contribute towards the skills you need for your desired career. For example, Online Model Course will equip you with the skills and theory you need to enter the modelling industry.

Fitness goals? Are you waiting for F45 to reopen? Well don’t. Take this time to start running, download a fitness app to do some home workouts, or go for some long walks. Keeping up your fitness is crucial for your mental wellbeing, during this time especially.

Relationship goals? Find new ways to bond with your partner, whether it be setting up a little indoor picnic or just finding some new TV shows to binge watch together.

Social goals? Keep in touch with your friends online, be more active in your Facebook groups, message those you normally wouldn’t and give people compliments to feel a part of the community.

Financial goals? Look into other banks that you’ve never had the time to research, search for some side hustles or work on finding a new money-management technique (we love Barefoot Investor).

3. Develop a morning routine
The way we start our day prompts the way it will proceed. You want to start the day positively and productively so that you are motivated to continue it with a similar energy. Structuring your morning provides incentive to get out of bed and start your day.
We recommend meditating to allow clarity, peace and positivity into your morning. Affirmations are also a powerful tool to direct your mind to awaken and act. You can use them to address underlying insecurities, to trick yourself into believing you possess certain traits, and to convince yourself that you are capable of achieving your goals (some examples of morning affirmations can be found here).

4. Try to fit in a workout at the start of your day
Exercise clears our mind and leads us to produce endorphins (the hormones that make us happy). Therefore, starting your day with a workout allows you to approach the day’s tasks with more motivation and sharpness. It triggers a sense of accomplishment right at the start of the day and brings more confidence into your upcoming activities.

5. Write a to-do list the night before, and then actually do it
Right before you hop into bed, write a to-do list, detailing everything that you want to get done the next day. Be sure to include your morning routine and tasks that will bring you closer to achieving your goals that you specified in your journal earlier. Do not be too ambitious, plan for as many tasks as you know you can handle. Planning for too much and then being short on time may leave you feeling unaccomplished.
Ensure you complete all of the tasks listed. Telling yourself that you will do something but then not following through with it will only diminish the trust you have with yourself. The more often you disobey your trust, the less belief you will have in your abilities. Completing tasks, no matter how small, will lead you to believe you can achieve even bigger feats.

If you decide to try this, we’d love to hear about it! This year isn’t what anyone anticipated but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a better person because of it.

Sending you happiness and gratification,

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