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Mastering your finances for a successful modelling career

Did you know that models mainly work as contractors? What does that mean? It means that whether you work as a freelancer, or are represented by an agency, you are not employed on full-time, part-time, or casual basis; you are a contractor. You need to set yourself up with an ABN – Australian Business Number, invoice clients or your booker in order to get paid, pay your own taxes and super, and of course manage your revenue and expenses.

Sounds a bit full on? It’s not as bad as it seems, quite simple actually. We are here to assist and help you along the way. First, let’s understand what money means.

When you start your modelling career you do not need to feel any particular way about money, but you need remember:

i. Money facilitates life
ii. Money is what we get in return for what we put into the world

• Inevitably you are your money!
• So, ask yourself: Do you value your money? Do you value yourself? Your Career, fitness, health goals, personal goals or achievements?
• Being successful is the whole package, not just a modelling career
• You need to be proud of being in control of your finances
• It’s not being tight, or like a scrooge, it’s about being intelligent. You all are intelligent.

What stresses do you have trying to enter into the modelling industry?
• Inconsistent work
• Needing to have a second job
• Not being successful
• Rejection
• Financial stresses

So the results of stress is:
• A degree of stress can be a good thing – you work harder, up-skill, your motivated, innovative and create work.

The keys to success are:
• Your attitude
• Have a plan/strategy
• Seek advice for what you don’t know
• The internet is your best friend

Below is a video from our Online Model Course where our trainer Sohial explains this further:


We will be happy to answer any questions, so feel free to send your enquiries to

To your success,
The AAM team

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