Reading Your Way Through Lockdown

With only a couple of weeks left of lockdown (hopefully), now is the time to seize this time with both hands and use it effectively to avoid the rut of regret during COVID-normal. By the end of next month, life is going to become almost recognisable again, but you don’t have to be. Why not use these last few weeks of calm to improve yourself and to ease the transition back to Melbourne mayhem by being a better you.

At AAM we’re all about self-improvement, so we spoke to our Nutrition and Positive Mindset trainer Sohial Farzam. Some of you may know Sohial from our health and nutrition classes, but for those who don’t, Sohial is a health practitioner, lecturer and multiple business owner. In all of his talks he emphasises the integral role books have played in his self-development. By just sparing some time to read each day, or most days, you will be well on the path to improvement.

Here are Sohial’s top 5 reads:

1. Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself – Dr. Joe Dispenza

In Dr Dispenza’s book, he discusses how our genes and our built-in belief of who we are, are not permanent and able to be changed, contrary to our identity. He explains through the use of quantum physics, neuroscience, brain chemistry, biology and genetics that all human beings are able to create the reality that they choose. Dr Dispenza provides the necessary knowledge to change any aspect of yourself and the step-by-step tools to apply what you learn.


2. The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle explores the powerful effects of living in the present moment. Although this may seem like common knowledge, Tolle dives deeper into what “living in the now” entails and how our thoughts and emotions can interfere in living our ideal lives.


3. A happy pocket full of money – David Cameron Gikandi

In David Gikandi’s book, he highlights the importance of wealth, that is not able to be quantitatively measured. He believes that genuine wealth is earned through realising your value and the value of those who surround you. Gikandi promotes intentional living that embodies gratefulness, pure joy and the belief in abundance. To reach this, he shares advice on how to create personal wealth through a model based on theoretical physics and classics. He explains why people choose one company over another for the same product and how to ensure your business is not the one that misses out.


4. Competitive Advantage – Michael E. Porter

Competitive Advantage aims to explain what it is that a firm does. Porter explores the concept of the value chain and disassembles the idea of competitive advantage. Porter breaks his concepts into easy, understandable steps that a business can follow.


5. Metaphysical Anatomy – Evette Rose

In Evette Rose’s book, the association between physical medical conditions and mental factors are explained with details on how to identify them. These medical conditions can be triggered by events in your own life, presently, but also by thoughts of any other time in your life. It is recommended for health practitioners but also for those interested in experimenting with self-healing.


Natasha Schapova 
AAM content writer

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