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We wanted to discuss a serious issue of emotional challenges and mind space, which is becoming saturated with different ideas of beauty and trends.

With the growing digital world and social media platforms, we are exposed to so many different opinions and options every time we open an app. It may be so easy to loose our true selves and self worth. It is inevitable, that as humans, we compare ourselves to others, we may even use other people’s achievements to benchmark our own. But it is important to acknowledge, that we mainly only share our successes on social media, and the struggles and downfalls are dealt with privately, and sometimes in solitude.

It is these issues and many more, which impact our confidence. For this reason, we have developed our course into so much more than just modelling. Fun fact – this is AAM’s 8th year of operating, since we launched our modelling course in 2013. Initially it started as an essential platform to launch a successful modelling career. Over the years it has developed into so much more than modelling skills, and the foundation now is the essential platform of emotional empowerment, self worth, confidence and self development, which enable our students to take on life’s challenges – both professionally as well as personally, and to conquer their dreams and to kickstart their goals.

We aim to help our students overcome their personal issues, and are here to support and mentor. Over the years we have built a great community and are so proud of all of our graduates and their achievements.

If you are doubting yourself, your abilities, your self-worth, we are here to help you and to build you back up. The Comprehensive Model Course will transform your outlook, confidence and life. With 100% graduates satisfaction, we are certain in this.

Take a look below at the two testimonial videos from our recent graduates, the identical twins Tara and Challise. They both loved the modelling fun, but what they enjoyed most and took away from the training is so much more than that.



I’d love to chat with you, so feel free to reach out either via email or call us during business hours on 1300 249 745.

Look forward to welcoming you into our AAM fam and community.


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