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Your self-image dictates your modelling success

You may have heard that mechanics / strategies and operations to achieve a goal is not enough to reach that dream and become successful. There is another massive factor that plays a major role – psychology / mindset. So, what is the breakdown exactly? You may be surprised, but it is mostly all in our mindset.

80% of your success is your Psychology VS 20% Mechanics of the systems you use to become successful.

Psychology and mindset play a big role in your success as a professional model. Mindset is about your confidence, self-esteem, self-empowerment and how you handle rejection. Ultimately it is how resilient you are when facing adversity or challenges. Psychology can be seen by some leaders to be 80 percent of influence over your success, which is the mechanical strategies you put in place to grow in this industry, such as doing various shoots, to extend your folio, go to castings, participate in runway shows, and so on.

If your mindset is not in the right time, frame, place within yourself and how you feel about yourself, you will find it hard to be successful in anything you wish to do, especially in modelling, as it is a very competitive industry.

Success is something that we attract by the person that we become. Success is not something that we pursue, as the great Jim Rohn. Don’t chase your dreams by becoming successful, change the person inside first – have the right attitude, be in a good position to handle rejection, and be self-empowered.

Watch the little snippet of our Online Model Course from AAM Online, where our Mindset trainer Dr Sohial Farzam discusses psychology and success:


With the right frame of mind and the right attitude to tackle the challenges in the industry,you will become the best model that you can be.

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To your success,
The AAM team

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