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What does Self-Image mean?

Self-image simply means how you see and feel about yourself.

How much do you love yourself?

Don’t think the above question is cheesy or ego-based. Loving yourself for who you are is not ego-centric, it’s authentic.

Self-image is often determined by an accumulation of your life experiences based on your earlier upbringing.

Often when there has been emotional challenges and trauma, this can lead to a poor sense of self, therefore a lower self-image.

However, all life experiences can either govern our attitude or our attitude can govern our life experiences.

If you have had a challenging upbringing, firstly good on you for looking at avenues to pursue your modelling aspirations and goals as it already shows you love yourself more than you think and you are willing to put your talents, confidence and look on show for people to see and hear your message in your work.

Secondly, we are not taking away from you the challenges you’ve had, or we are not down-playing them, but we are saying if you can’t change or control a situation, then you can control and change your attitude towards it.

You are essentially a sum total of how you look, think and feel about things. Your attitude plays a big role.

Have a winning attitude, and your life will be more rewarding.

Ultimately, your self-image can simply be enhanced by living according to your self-ideals. Your self-ideals are your values, hopes, dreams and aspirations.

If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to discuss, please feel free to email us –

To your success,
Kristina Compagnino
Director of AAM

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