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Catwalk Basics – what you need to know before you get on the runway

Modelling is all about being a chameleon, you follow the concept and the creative direction to embody the style of the garments you are wearing, whether you are on a photo shoot or on the runway. However, when on the runway, there are no second takes, no alternative poses, you need to walk and model to the best of your ability and you only get one shot to do it. If you do not pose for long enough, and the photographer does not get a great shot, then there will be no evidence of you being on that runway and no runway images to add to your modelling portfolio. But what to do when you are on the runway? Or when you are at a casting and you’re asked to walk?

Here are the Catwalk Basics to get you started, with the help of our incredible runway trainer and French model, Babushka.

When you walk you want to look straight ahead, slightly narrow your eyes to intensify your confident, strong look. Do not tense your face and keep your lips slightly open.

As you walk you try to relax your arms, keep them by your side with your fingers loosely curled and move the arms with slight movement to the rhythm of your walk. For a high fashion walk, push your hips slightly forward and straighten your shoulders backwards. This will naturally result in your arms falling behind your body and they can slightly wing side to side, not past your body. As you walk on the runway you want to take larger steps than your usual walk which turns the walk into the strut.

When you get to the end of the runway, pause so the photographer can capture those vital images. Make sure when you pose you think about what you’re wearing as you are modelling the clothes, so show off the features of your outfit.

On some of your runway jobs you will find the client will have an on-site choreographer. A choreographer is someone who will give you direction on how to turn, pose, walk and will direct you as to what look or emotion they want you to give to the audience.

Here is the link to the video where our trainer is explaining the catwalk basics. This is part of the Online Model Course, however if you are in Melbourne, within our Comprehensive model Course you will spend 3 weeks with Babushka learning all the advanced techniques for runway and castings:

We will be happy to answer any questions, so feel free to send your enquiries to

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