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Phases of Metabolism

Ever heard of people giving advice on when to eat or not to eat, and there are some contradicting opinions? Well, our trainer and health practitioner Sohial explains the 3 phases of metabolism, so you can now understand your body better and how it works.

The 3 phases are – Elimination, Digestive phase and Assimilation phase

4am – 12pm: Elimination
Your body is going to an elimination process, so you need to help your body by having certain foods. This includes having a glass of warm water with half a lemon before you have anything else in the morning, and then we advise about 20 minutes later to have a freshly squeezed green juice.

12pm – 8pm: Digestive phase
When your body literally digests food. This is the time we recommend having more solid foods, because your body is in the best position to digest the intake and metabolise the food. We do also advise to stop or minimise the carb intake around 3pm, but this is very much dependable on individual’s dietary requirements, as well as your plans and objectives for your health and fitness.

8pm-4am: Assimilation phase
This is when your body is assimilating the nutrients from the food you have eaten that day. This is why we do not advise to have late meals, as your body and organs are already working hard to assimilate the daily food intake, by eating later again you are giving it even more labour.

Sohial very thoroughly explains this further in the little snippet of the Online Model Course’s nutrition chapter, and our Comprehensive Model Course students of course have this module as the first official module of the 11 week training. You can watch the video here:

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