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Congrats to our recent grads on getting signed to modelling agencies!!!

We would like to do a shout out and congratulate our recently graduated models of the Comprehensive Model Course on getting signed to modelling agencies!!!!

In the order of the above picture – Lauren A. is now represented by Brazen Models, Arzu K. is now with Wink Models, Titania M. is now represented by JR Mgt and Wink Models, Emma C. is now with JR Mgt!!!!

It’s not easy to break into the competitive modelling industry as an aspiring model, and may well be intimidating to approach an agency and then so nerve-racking to interview with the booker! That is why our 11 week Comprehensive Model Course provides the students with all the mental and physical tools required to succeed in the modelling industry. The agencies know and trust the AAM training, therefore our graduates have higher chances of getting signed and booked, because an AAM graduate will not disappoint and perform to the highest standards on any job.

Myself and my team are extremely proud of all of our students, we are also pleased we can help transform lives and offer industry opportunities through our exclusive community.

Lots of Love,
Kristina Schapova
Director of AAM

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