As we welcome the new year we set ourselves new goals, resolutions and fresh motivations. The core of all these will be your values, which will steer your intentions. So what are values? Let’s explore, with this inside content from our ‘Positive Mindset’ module of the Comprehensive Model Course. Values are simply the things you do

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Our advice on your social media presence in the modelling industry

Your social media presence can be detrimental to your career. From our personal experience, many modelling agencies will check your social media accounts before they make a decision of whether to invite you in for an interview. Something as simple as your Instagram account can be a huge influence for a booker to continue further

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australian academy of modelling 10 things you need to know modelling industry

10 Things You Need to Know to Start Out in The Modelling Industry

So, you want to become a Professional Model? Or you just have some curiosity about the industry?

Either way, there must be a million questions running through your mind, and possibly even the doubts. Are you good enough? Do you have what it takes? Are you tall enough? What if you fail? These are some of the most common challenges we see aspiring models face.

We hope this e-book will give you a thorough insight into the industry and help guide you in the right direction to chase your dreams.

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